Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Style on the go

Oh man, are these not the hippest laptop bags you've ever seen?! I don't even take my laptop anywhere anymore and I feel like I MUST get the "Ossuary Rose" bag. I admit, I had to look up ossuary on which made me love it even more...note, it isn't in blogger's spell checker either! Flickaalice has superb taste in fabrics, it's worth browsing through her store just for the beauty of it all!IpastrOcchi (a.k.a. Silvia) just sent me a link to her gallery on deviantart so I could see more of her work. I can't get over how fantastic her little ninjas are! They are all great but my favorite is the Soft_Cowboy_Ninja seen below. He looks like he just got done kickin' some butt down at the saloon and got a shiner in the process!

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