Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fresh Glass

I've been thinking how beautiful these stained glass pieces would look in my windows (or any one's really)! I am particularly mesmerized by the work by GreenLanternGlass, it's no mistake if these gorgeous scales remind you of ancient Japanese motifs. I used to live in a craftsman home that really needed this Victorian Teal stained glass window by StainedGlassHeirloom, although the design is so gorgeous it would look fantastic in any collector's decor!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Modern Circles

The following Etsians have been on my mind lately. I've been noticing a lot of simple, modern, and beautiful circle designs in jewelry that take me back to the wonderful design memories from the 70s. Be sure to take a peek at these seller's other pieces, there are lots of beautiful ones I am unable to cover here! I think orno has something really special with her gorgeous black walnut three ring necklace and antique brass chain.Jenniferquinton created this beautiful silver fiveCircles necklace that I cannot believe is still available!Not to be outdone, the elegant ten pearl necklace by brightonmoon is stunning. I've been watching this one for some time now!Tinarice, throws her hat in the ring (pun intended) with her beautiful robin egg blue enamel donut pendant.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I feel so bad, I have fallen so behind in keeping the blog up-to-date...and there are SO MANY Etsians I want to remember. I am going to try and be better, I promise. I just asked benben if he would be able to make a series of cards for me out of his fantastic prints and he IS! I can hardly wait. On the face of them they seem so fun and whimsical but when you think about it, they are kind of profound mini-statements.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Style on the go

Oh man, are these not the hippest laptop bags you've ever seen?! I don't even take my laptop anywhere anymore and I feel like I MUST get the "Ossuary Rose" bag. I admit, I had to look up ossuary on dictionary.com which made me love it even more...note, it isn't in blogger's spell checker either! Flickaalice has superb taste in fabrics, it's worth browsing through her store just for the beauty of it all!IpastrOcchi (a.k.a. Silvia) just sent me a link to her gallery on deviantart so I could see more of her work. I can't get over how fantastic her little ninjas are! They are all great but my favorite is the Soft_Cowboy_Ninja seen below. He looks like he just got done kickin' some butt down at the saloon and got a shiner in the process!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Reclaimed Treasures

I've been noticing an amazing emergence of artists on Etsy reclaiming vintage buttons to create new and wonderful works of wearable art. While I don't wear jewelry, I have started collecting interesting pieces and framing them (without glass) in my modern white frames (I'll add pictures of my collection here someday). I can see myself donating a huge collection to a museum of modern art someday for the whole world to appreciate the detail we've been losing in modern society! If you run across other interesting pieces (on or off of Etsy) you think I should add to my collection, please email me!

I was up late last night searching on Etsy and found a treasury list that had just been started that included this beautiful piece (one of many!) by Brandi (a.k.a. Enthral) and had to snap it up for my collection right away!You had me at "wear. smile. repeat." ...I am a HUGE fan of lorimarsha (we are not worthy ***insert bows***) Her rich collection of warm, natural colors and interesting shapes makes her work stand out. She has a bunch of wonderful things in her shop, it's well worth the look-see even if you don't wear or collect jewelry. Great idea on the components lorimarsha!