Friday, December 29, 2006

Bellus Libri

These gorgeous and texturally rich journals by NinaJudinBooks will make the perfect gift for your book loving friends and budding writers alike...when I think about it, who wouldn't appreciate such elegant craftsmanship?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blizzard Inspired Projects?

If you're bracing for ANOTHER big snowstorm like we are here in Denver, I found some fantastic assemblage art sculpture on Etsy that should cheer you up and will add a splash of color to your home. I can see Artsy sitting at a kitchen table with cabin fever during a blizzard like ours absently stacking porcelain and an idea is born! (not that this is what really happened! just my imagination again). Here is your work translated into internet:

//(*_*)\\ or //(* . *)\\

I can't resist a great robot (or an army of them) when I see one, and theBlockheads has some great choices available in his shop along with yes...a pirate!...but my favorite is the little, "Soy Boy the Lil Block of Tofu" blockhead!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Prints and Patterns Obsession

Wow! Candyargyle has a must have on her shoulder with this gorgeous "vivid zipper tote." Come all ye hip chicks, snap it up while you can!
You know you've seen some great art when you can't get it out of your mind! These modern block prints by magprint have been sneaking back into my consciousness all weekend long.I stumbled upon these wonderfully embroidered shirts on Etsy brought to us by inchwormsfinebaby the other day, I can just imagine my nephew looking oh so hip in these! What a cute pup!
P.S. Check out this fun forum dialog searching to define our wonderful Etsy community:

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Modern Stuffed Toys

How cool is this modern stuffed toy by jamtartbaby? "Jane's" unimpressed attitude may stem from the fact she sports a beautiful contrast of colors and fabrics and knows it!When I saw these new dolls by one of my favorite sellers yaelfran, I knew they had to be added to the BOE list cause I am certain they are going to be a huge hit if they aren't already. It looks like there are more designs than i've listed here so check it out!I think i'm going Japanese...yes, I really think so! I've been noticing how much of Japanese culture and design has been infusing ours and thankfully so! This ninja-meets-grateful dead collision has been captured in a RainbowNinja by IpastrOcchi...just one of MANY fun designs available.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Type as Art

I've always loved the simple beauty of black and white so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw these incredible monogrammed milk glass jars by CoriKindred. Hmmm, now I just need to figure out where I MUST put them...and who would have guessed an "M" just for me?! What a great niche! Etsian trixiedelicous has an awesome selection of vintage china with beautifully hand painted typography on them...I can see a whole set on my wall (the simple black & white designs are my favorite) I just need to come up with a theme or words I may want to collect!
P.S. I'm kind of a typography nerd, I love reading about fonts used at the end of novels (bring it back publishers!) is a fun site dedicated to type as art.

Bits & Baubles for the Holidays

Check out the incredible hand-work done by 1ofmykind. Lots of fantastic & ornate hand fashioned pieces to be had...and get this, "NO GLUE...or solder is used as my stones are uniquely and firmly hand set using torque and tension..." Wonderful!
I just purchased this gorgeous bauble to add to one of my shrine boxes that needed that extra special something. maggiesmarketplace store owner Jeanette is also very friendly (like all of the other Etsonians I have met). I just love her work and think she is so talented! Don't her pieces kind of have that NY edge? Designs like hers are a lifetime of button and bauble collecting. I imagine various bowls strewn throughout her abode."This December Moon Necklace" by honeybee is a beautiful mix as rich as her description, " antique flower button is the centerpiece in this charming collection of treasures. A deep orange carnelian, a coin pearl, a copper oak leaf, and a brass swallow complete the necklace." The gift box is a classy finishing touch! On a side note, if you've ever worked with precious metal clay you know how expensive it is (even in small quantities!) making this necklace a great deal.


Welcome to my inaugural posting! If you've discovered Etsy, you are probably as obsessed with it as I am. If not, you've come to the right place...cause you will be! I promise. I am constantly amazed, awed and inspired by the vast array of talented artists and craftspeople offering their wares on My addiction has gotten so bad I find myself judging mass produced items and finding them inferior in quality and ingenuity to those of my fellow artisans...and the mass produced items usually cost more! Let me just add this before we get started, once you become involved in Etsy whether as a shopper or as an artist this is more than just a shopping site, it is a community of the kind and talented. If you have a favorite Etsonian you think I should know about, email me!