Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bits & Baubles for the Holidays

Check out the incredible hand-work done by 1ofmykind. Lots of fantastic & ornate hand fashioned pieces to be had...and get this, "NO GLUE...or solder is used as my stones are uniquely and firmly hand set using torque and tension..." Wonderful!
I just purchased this gorgeous bauble to add to one of my shrine boxes that needed that extra special something. maggiesmarketplace store owner Jeanette is also very friendly (like all of the other Etsonians I have met). I just love her work and think she is so talented! Don't her pieces kind of have that NY edge? Designs like hers are a lifetime of button and bauble collecting. I imagine various bowls strewn throughout her abode."This December Moon Necklace" by honeybee is a beautiful mix as rich as her description, " antique flower button is the centerpiece in this charming collection of treasures. A deep orange carnelian, a coin pearl, a copper oak leaf, and a brass swallow complete the necklace." The gift box is a classy finishing touch! On a side note, if you've ever worked with precious metal clay you know how expensive it is (even in small quantities!) making this necklace a great deal.

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