Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fresh Glass

I've been thinking how beautiful these stained glass pieces would look in my windows (or any one's really)! I am particularly mesmerized by the work by GreenLanternGlass, it's no mistake if these gorgeous scales remind you of ancient Japanese motifs. I used to live in a craftsman home that really needed this Victorian Teal stained glass window by StainedGlassHeirloom, although the design is so gorgeous it would look fantastic in any collector's decor!


tina said...

both windows are beautiful, but for my modern home the fish scales would be perfect!! great find!

mudpuppy.etsy.com said...

Hi Tina, Great news for us! Sabrina of GreenLanternGlass let me know she is working on smaller, less expensive pieces and will be listing them on Etsy soon!